About StemCreDB

StemCreDB is a database that systematically collects and offers published original articles and systematic reviews on stem cell-based clinical trials in the PubMed database.

The StemCreDB was developed for both cell-based therapeutical medicine developers and regulatory authorities. It was designed to help them to establish developmental strategies and regulatory policies in advance by providing up to date published stem cell related clinical research studies and their current status or trend.

The stem cell base literature included in the StemCreDB ranges from the clinical studies on bone marrow derived mononuclear cells to Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Induced pluripotent stem cells. We plan to continue collecting the clinical research literature on advanced regenerative medical products.

Article Search

You can search easily specific articles using various search terms among stem cell-based clinical articles uploaded in the StemCreDB. Data search is available for:

Study object: Clinical safety, Clinical efficacy, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Dose finding, Biovigliance

Phase: pilot study, Phase 1, Phase1/2, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4

Study design: single group assignment, single group with historical control, non random trial, RCT, cross over, others (CRCT, Factorial design et al)

Stem cell type: HPSC, MNC: BM, MNC: PB, SVF, MSC: BM, MSC: AD, MSC: UC, MSC: Others, Organ stem cell, MSC_differentiation, iPS_differentiation, ESC_differenctiation, Other cells, Other tissues

Route of delivery: Parenchyma, Intrathecal, IA, IV, IC, IM et al

Follow-up points: Under 3months, 4-6months, 7-12months, 13-24months, 36months, 48months, over 60 months, individual follow-up

Measurement Tool: MRI, Ultrasonography, SPECT, Angiography, ECG, PET_CT, CT, x-ray et al.

The published research articles on cardiovascular, bone, neurology, autoimmune, gastrointestinal diseases, pulmonary disease, urinary disease, and other disease are being collected and monthly updated.

Meta-analysis search

In the Meta Analysis search window page, you can search for meta-analysis articles based on stem cell study results. The original articles included in each meta-analysis study are linked within the StemCreDB and clicking on the links allows you to quickly look at the details about each original stem cell study article.

Interactive Charts

Interactive visual analysis provides the current status and trend information about stem cell clinical studies that cannot be easily obtained through a simple graph.

Currently there are 16 platforms in place.

Platform A1Publication status by disease, publication year, and continent where the paper was published
Platform A2Publication status by disease, publication year, and study phase
Platform A3Analysis of study object by disease and publication year
Platform A4Analysis of stem cell types according to disease and stem cell origin
Platform A5Analysis of stem cell type by disease and stem cell origin
Platform A6Analysis of cell selection and cell culture according to disease and stem cell type
Platform A7Analysis of differentiation and genetic modification according to disease and stem cell type
Platform A8Analysis by disease, stem cell type, study phase, and study object
Platform A9Analysis on the use of new technology and immune-suppressants according to the stem cell types by disease
Platform A10Analysis of route of administration by stem cell type by disease
Platform A11Analysis of follow-up points by disease
Platform A12Analysis of follow-up points by stem cell type by disease
Platform A13Analysis of injection route and study phase by disease
Platform A14Analysis of injection route and follow-up point by disease
Platform A15Analysis of outcome measuring tools by disease
Platform A16Analysis of status reporting and observations on safety issues

This tool will visualize detail analysis results obtained from multiple disease groups at one view as well as a single disease group. If you select a certain data bar of your interested, sub-group analysis result for the selected group will automatically appear.

You can identify stem cell-based clinical research trends in both efficacy and safety evaluation through effective visual information.

Through this database, we hope to help stem cell researchers have easily access to the stem cell-based published researches related to pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, dose finding studies, clinical efficacy, clinical safety, and bio-vigilance, which are essential to develop state-of-the-art stem-cell based materials.

The StemCreDB is operated by the Center for Advanced Cell & Tissue Therapeutics Evaluation Research Group (ACTER) and funded by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) in Korea.

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